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fantastic vacation in Baku

Having a lovely coastline that stretches up to 20km along with beautiful beaches, volcanoes and a dreamy cityscape, the city of Baku is a top destination for travelers. Want to explore this hidden gem in Europe? Then, connect with an eminent tour company in Kolkata that arranges for one of the most cost-effective International holiday packages to have a memorable trip to Baku!

1) Maiden Tower

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that's situated in the heart of Icherisheher. The Maiden Tower is a fascinating monument, the date and history of the construction of which still remains a mystery. This brilliant structure is now a museum today that showcases interesting historical exhibits on each floor.

2) Highland Park

Breathtaking and spectacular, Highland Park is a favorite tourist spot in Baku from where you can view the magnificent Caspian Sea, Flame Towers and the whole city. Located atop a long flight of stairs, this charming park offers a peaceful atmosphere where you can just sit and relax.

3) Heydar Mosque

This is a must-see place in Baku that will take about 20 minutes to reach from the Old City via drive. The stunning architecture of this huge mosque looks appealing from various angles. The vibe here is calm and serene, especially during night when it is dazzlingly lit up.

4) Icherisheher Fortress Walls

The Old City of Baku is surrounded by mighty Fortress Walls constructed in the 12th century. This is the biggest fortress in Absheron Peninsula and falls under UNESCO World Heritage. The majestic walls that stretched for 15000mts in the past now extends to 500mts today. You can take a stroll along the walls of the fortress, especially in morning hours when the environment is tranquil. You will surely enjoy a gorgeous view of the Flame Towers that rise behind these historic walls and this fusion of ancient and contemporary architecture is truly captivating!

5) Palace of the Shirvanshahs

Famously named the pearl of Azerbaijan architecture by UNESCO, this palace comprises of a mausoleum, Divankhana, a mosque visited by Shah, burial vaults and bathhouse ruins. Arrive at the terrace of the palace to catch sight of the prominent Flame Towers, once again creating a perfect blend of the old and the new that you will find everywhere in Baku.

6) Fountain Square and Nizami Street

The upbeat vibe of Azerbaijan is something that will recharge you without missing out the relaxing feel. Do visit the iconic Fountain Square to explore the happening shops, restaurants, cafes and bars there. There are endless things for you to do in this vibrant place which includes sampling the tasty local food! To cherish a highly enjoyable experience, we suggest that you take a walk from Nizami Street to Fountain Square during evening as this area is spectacularly lit up at night and the ambience is extremely lively!

7) Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

Home to the biggest collection of Azerbaijani carpets in the entire world, this museum is uniquely shaped like a carpet and it's impossible not to notice it when you pass by it. Weaving carpets is a major part of Azerbaijan's culture and this museum displays a wide range of carpets that date from the 17th to the 21st century.

8) Baku Boulevard

Baku is a stunningly beautiful city to walk in and this is mainly because of the Baku Boulevard, a gorgeous seafront promenade of 4kmstretch that offers spectacular views of the cityscape. One of the most amazing things to do here is take a stroll along this soothing Boulevard and enjoy the cool breeze accompanying you. Sit on the steps by the Caspian Sea's shore to take a break. Visit this boulevard at night to watch the brightly lit-up Flame Towers depicting magical colors. This light show is one the most enthralling features of the city.

9) Little Venice

Composed of many bridges and waterways, Little Veniceis a rejuvenating space located next to the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum. By renting a boat you can row past the pictorial green areas and restaurants or you can just walk about and take in the calming atmosphere.

10) TazaPir Mosque

This amazingly peaceful place on a hilltop requires you to take a pleasant walk for 20 minutes from the Old City to reach it. Visiting here will quieten your mind as you explore its interior and exterior, both of which are equally magnificent.

11) Gobustan Rock Art

Take a day trip from Baku to see Gobustan National Park where you can spot more than 6000 ancient rock carvings, known as petroglyphs. From worship scenes and hunting images, you'll see ritual dances, battles, astronomy, animals, bullfights and more intricately carved on these rocks.

12) Bilgah Beach

This wonderful beach in Baku is the one whose waters are unpolluted. You can rent umbrellas and sunbeds here to have a nice time by its clean waters as you breathe in the fresh air.

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