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Pabong travel packages

Eager to pack your bags and travel to a hill station this summer holiday? Then, we recommend that you try visiting the peaceful hamlet of Pabong that is located in Kalimpong in North Bengal and is famous for offering a gorgeous view of Mount Kanchenjunga. Connect with a top travel agency in Kolkata to explore Pabong and soothe your eyes with the sight of the beautiful green forests of Neora Valley National Park engulfing it.

What to view in Pabong?

Resting on a mountain slope close to some of the prominent tourist spots in Kalimpong such as Lolegaon and Charkhole, this serene destination is secluded and free from the grasp of commercialization.

  • Pabong is the picture-perfect settlement to have a mesmerizing view of the mighty Kachenjunga.
  • Being a paradise for bird-lovers, you can notice interesting birds here such as the swallow, sunbird, thrush, warbler, rollers, minivet and more.
  • You will love to see the lush tea gardens of this charming village.
  • As you go about exploring the place, you are sure to catch sight of diverse floral species in bright colors decorating the lawns.

Things to do in Pabong

Below are some of the activities to do in this must-visit place in North Bengal.

  • Walk about this soul-soothing hamlet while feeling the tranquility lingering in the atmosphere.
  • Enjoy a fascinating view of Mount Kanchenjunga as you sip tea in a leisurely manner.
  • Listen to the melodious singing of the Himalayan Birds.
  • Follow the trail to the enthralling Neora Valley Park, the green woods near Pabong.
  • Visit nearby places that are popular among tourists such as Lolegaon, Lava, Charkhole, Kaffergaon, Kolakham, Rishop, etc.
  • Witness the different activities of the local people to know more about their culture and tradition.

Lovely tourist attractions

Pabong is a calm abode that is endowed with lush forests, paddy fields as well as alpine and pine trees. Charkhole is the closest place to explore. However, there are other nearby spots that you'll like to visit and those are Lava, Lolegaon, Kolakham, Rishop, etc.

Where should you stay?

Being cut off from the hustle of urban lifestyle, Pabong is the best place to experience the quietude of village life. Homestays are the sole option for staying here. The homestays in Pabong are known to cultivate various fruits and veggies as well as cardamom. The rooms of these cute accommodations are quite comfy and comprise all basic necessities.

Get in touch with the best tour agency in Kolkata to plan a refreshing trip to Pabong and get revitalized as you spend time with your loved ones in this serene and captivating hamlet that is surprisingly tourist-friendly too!