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Planning to spend your vacation in Thailand? Then, there are few enticing tourist spots in Krabi province of Phuket district that are totally worth your visiting. Keep reading to know which are those charming places you mustn't forget to see there. Connect with the best holiday travel agency to have an amazing sightseeing in Thailand this year.

1) Railay Beaches

Comprising of four lovely beaches and numerouscaves, Railay Beach is a dreamy beach in Krabi where you can explore magnificent cliffs made of limestone, a lagoon, luxury resorts and the Tonsai Beach. The green vegetation surrounding this crowded beach and the opportunity to indulge in exciting adventures like rock climbing make Railay Beach an exquisite tourist attraction in Thailand.

2) The Emerald Pool

Want to rejuvenate yourself with a swim? Then, the mineral-rich natural lagoon in emerald green hue, going by the name of Emerald Pool is the perfect spot to refresh yourself by dipping in its healing waters formed by the cascading hot springs of nearby hills. Enjoy the mesmerizing view of the dark green woods as you relax in the water!

3) Koh Poda

The small limestone island of Koh Poda with a gorgeous setting is one among the bigger group of islands situated along Thailand's western coast. The beautiful sandy beaches and the crystal-clear sea water in turquoise shade along with its quiet ambience further enhance the appeal of this picturesque place.

4) Tiger Cave Temple

This is a highly respected Buddhist temple of Krabi, reaching which will demand your efforts in return for some spectacular sights. This temple is so called due to the distinct prints of tiger paws inside its cave. The fact that you have to climb 1237 steps of a staircase for reaching the summit makes the visit here all the more adventurous!

5) Mu Koh Hong

This is a group of limestone islands in Thailand, consisting of popularly visited islands like Lao Riam Pakka, Lao Li Pe and Sa Ka Lao La Ding. The scenic beauty of these islands portraying white sand-laden beaches, clear blue waters and vibrant coral reefs along with its calming environment and pleasing climate will surely soothe your spirit when you arrive at Mu Koh Hong!

6) Tup Island

Also referred to as Koh Tup, Tub Island or Koh Thap, the Tup Island near Krabi is one of the most eminent offshore islands offering a stunning setting. The enthralling vibes exuded by the parting sea is what denotes for the popularity of this place as an appreciated tourist destination.

7) Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi is a cluster of six islands that's extremely beautiful and widely visited by tourists in Andaman. The isthmus connecting the two islands together adds to the loveliness of this spot.

8) Ao Luk Mangroves

Ao Luk Mangroves is one of the unique tourist attractions in Krabi that you can tour with a kayak. Love exploring? Then, this place will give you plenty of scope to discover its secrets as you go about its corners. What will please you most is that this whole region is surrounded by limestone cliffs and exhibits a pictorial beauty of nature.

9) Klong Thom Hot Springs

These hot springs located in seclusion away from the city noise in the middle of Phra Bang KhramForest will offer you a rejuvenating experience if you take a dip in them. You'll note that there are multiple hot water Jacuzzis where you can dip in for relaxing your body and mind.

10) Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

Situated about 40kms from the town of Krabi, this elephant sanctuary is home to huge numbers of rescued elephants. Come here to observe friendly elephants in their natural environment and know more about their habitat while you get the chance to give them food and bath and also play with them in the mud!

11) Koh Lanta Island

Extending from Klong Dao in the north to Bamboo Bay in the south, Koh Lanta is one of the top beaches in Thailand. The expansive stretch of the coastline is what inspires beach-lovers to throng to this place.

12) Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature Trail

Trek at Tab Kak Hang Nak for an enjoyable experience amidst nature! The mountain park of Hang Nak has exotic collections of flora and offers fascinating views of the mesmeric landscapes around. This is one of the most interesting places to catch sight of in Krabi and you'll surely love the enchanting vibes!

13) The Mud Crabs Sculpture

Besides its tranquil beaches and tropical forests, Krabi is famous for The Mud Crabs Sculpture. This grand sculpture is positioned on the Krabi River banks and is one of those prominent landmarks there that attracts tourists!

14) Phi Phi View Point

This is one of the most amazing hiking trails in Krabi that has a unique charm of its own. Though you can rent a bike or taxi for reaching this point, it's most fun to hike up the sharp slope as the vistas you'll get to view from up there will totally be worth your effort!

15) Krabi Island

Krabi Island is now a must-visit spot due to its pristine beaches, lush greenery on shorelines, limestone formations, natural caves, coral reefs and a captivating access point to the Andaman. The 200 picture-postcard islands, modern resorts and beautiful surroundings make this a favored place to vacay in Thailand.

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