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Planning to tour the United Kingdom this year? Then, you must have a clear idea of all the beautiful places you can see there to get exposed to the vibrant and culturally enriching English culture. Comprising of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, UK is a remarkably diverse destination for traveling to take in the admirable charms of the countless cities as well as the incredible beauty of the various natural spots. Connect with a renowned travel company that offers the best International travel deals to visit Europe and venture the United Kingdom at pocket-friendly costs like a pro!

1) The Isles of Scilly

Located 40kms from Cornwall, this group of Atlantic islands and islets, resembling a tropical paradise, offer sighting of spectacular sunsets in UK. St. Mary's prime island is home to zigzag lanes and gorgeous beaches while Bryher is the spot for you to witness the best sunset views in the whole country. Here, the Tresco Abbey Gardens is all about color and variety while taking a boat trip to the deserted islands of St. Helen can lead you to view seals and seabirds from a close distance.

2) Norwich in Norfolk

Norwich is an unspoken historical gem which boasts of 31 medieval churches, a magnificent cathedral and streets full of historic buildings from the 12th century. Some of the best pubs of England are located here. If you visit this place during May, you'll find the annual arts festival being celebrated pompously.

3) Wallberswick and Suffolk Coast

Wallberswick is one of the charming places to visit in eastern England that's all about a green village, a ruined church and a refreshing seaside location. This place is much appreciated by artists and writers due to its moody lighting and secluded location. St. Andrew's Church is a must-see tourist spot here. You can head to bewitching Swanky Southwold on the Suffolk Coast from this beautiful place.

4) Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland

Stretching from one part of England to another, the Hadrian's Wall is a majestic historical structure that forms the north frontier of the Roman Empire. If you don't have much time on your hands, you should proceed to the restored forts at Housesteads and Vindolanda. But if you visit this famous wall with time to spare, you can follow the 135km national trail, exploring its expanse from Newcastle to Solway Firth!

5) Winchester in Hampshire

Winchester is a place where history rules. The grand Winchester Cathedral is the longest structure of this category in whole of Europe.

6) The Somerset Levels

The scenic landscape here is cut by rivers and unused canals, offering indistinct views of the Mendip Hills in the east, Quantocks in the west and a peek of Glastonbury with rise in height. The Ham Wall Nature Reserve is a popular bird sanctuary in this region where you can spot various birds, including kingfishers, spoonbills, cranes, etc.

7) Dungeness in Kent

Situated on the Kent coast, this is the only desert in UK that houses windy beaches and nature reserve in the midst of vast skies and sea air. You'll feel rejuvenated on breathing the fresh air here.

8) Grasmere and Rydal Water in Lake District

England's Lake District has some of the most exquisitelandscapes in UK. Rydal Water is the smallest lake here, where you can swim and hike while Grasmere is all about famous pubs and hotels.

9) Standedge Tunnel and Huddersfield Narrow Canal in Yorkshire

Towards the edge of mesmerizing and bleak moorland, the lovely Huddersfield Narrow Canal merges with Standedge which is the longest, highest and deepest canal tunnel in England. You can take a two-hour trip through this 5000mt canal to absorb its fascinating history.

10) Stanage Edge in Peak District

Greatly popular among climbers and walkers, StanageEdge is a renowned tourist spot in Peak District. From here, you can enjoy picturesque views of the Dark Peak and the Hope Valley. This is a popular spot for hiking.

11) Rhossili Bay in Gower Peninsula

Rhossili Beach, located on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales is one of Europe's most captivating stretches of sand. While surfers and swimmers utilize its calm shorelines, walkers traverse along clifftops, enjoying breathtaking views of Worms Head and rolling ocean waves.

12) Cairngorms in Scotland

This is a wild place in UK where hills are covered with windblown snow. A summertime visit to this spot can be a wonderful idea to hike, trek and go for camping. If you're looking for some tranquillity and stunning views, you must visit the ruinous castle of Loch an Eilein here.

13) Glasgow

This is Scotland's largest city which is no less appealing in terms of displaying eye-catching art and architecture as well as upholding a rich culture, similar to what the capital of Scotland, Edinburg promises. You can have a fun time visiting the sprawling art galleries, popular restaurants, happening shops and bars, enticing concerts and other interesting destinations in Glasgow.

14) Shetland in Scotland

The most northerly province of UK, the Shetland offers views of fine rugged landscapes along with the chance to spot hunting seals during summer and skies illuminated by Northern lights in winter. These islands are home to unique prehistoric sites like Stanydale Temple and beautiful beaches.

15) Galloway Forest Park in Scotland

This is UK's first Dark Sky Park where you can see more than 7000 stars and planets with your bare eyes. You can bring a telescope to catch a more spectacular glimpse of the enchanting celestial wonders!

16) New Forest in Hampshire

The New Forest is assumed to have the largest number of ancient trees in Western Europe with around 1000 in theNational Park. This peaceful area in South England is the perfect getaway from noisy London to sight cute ponies and expansive heathlands and to explore uneven coastlines and narrow paths.

17) Lincolnshire Wolds

This is the highest portion of eastern England to fall between Kent and Yorkshire that stands out as a protected area of unmatched natural beauty. The scattered hills, gurgling streams and visually appealing farmlands make this place a haven for exotic birds and wildlife such as the Wild Gladiolus and other rare species.

18) Malvern Hills in Herefordshire

Want to hike in the United Kingdom? This fine range of hills offers some of UK's most popular hiking trails for you to enjoy hiking amidst the relaxing scenery!

19) Holy Island in Anglesey

The Holy Island of Lindisfarnewhich is close to the northwest island of Anglesey is a delightful place to visit. Walking along its coastal path, you can take in views out to the sea and to the rising mountains of North Wales. You'll also be able to catch sight of the South Stack Lighthouse and its neighbouring cliffs where puffins and falcons nest.

20) Brecon Beacons in Wales

Right from kayaking along rivers, hiking or eating fresh seafood of Wales, Brecon Beacons National Park offers plenty of enjoyable stuff for you to do. Plus, here, you're sure to find peace in the tranquil environment that other crowded national parks lack.

21) Glens of Antrim in Northern Ireland

Having a noteworthy role in the "Game of Thrones", the nine Glens of Antrim majestically fall down from the Antrim Plateau to the Irish Sea. You can take a drive following the winding road covering more than 160kms alongside the waterfalls to feel enthralled as you view the lovely hills and the distant picture postcard Scotland!

22) Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland

This UNESCO World Heritage Site, consisting of 40,000 basalt columns is a legendary place to visit in UK that dates back to 60 million years almost. From taking clifftop walks to exploring the visitor center, you can take in the charms of this place in modern ways while enjoying the mesmerizing scenery and the unique wildlife.

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