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best Vietnam travel packages Kolkata

Want to travel to a country that will touch your heart and soul? Then, Vietnam is a wonderful place to visit where the extraordinary beaches and rare culture will mesmerize you as it does to all its visitors. As nowadays the accessibility to reach Vietnam is improving and the percentage of English speakers there is increasing, Vietnam is often being chosen as a preferred destination to explore. Look up "best travel agency near me" on the internet to connect with a reliable tour company in Kolkata to make your dream holiday in Vietnama reality!

1) Unique history

Dating back to 2000 BC, Vietnam's cultural history is complex. It started from the Dong Son culture that continued for more than 1000 years and moved through a vast number of lords, leaders, and dynasties. This is a country that's been influenced by Chinese, Indian and Khmer cultures and also the French during colonial dominion. You can have a vivid idea about Vietnam's history by viewing varied architecture, visiting different museums and taking tours through the tunnel network in Ho Chi Min City. This will give you a good exposure to see Vietnam as the locals do and understand the role of its ancient history in shaping the culture that's in front of our eyes today.

2) Beautiful natural scenarios

Enriched with a serene tropical coastline that covers 3000kms, Vietnam is home to some of the most magnificent beaches in the world. The mountains that stretch from the coast on the east to that on the west rise from the ocean gracefully. Hikers often spend their entire trip discovering these gorgeous peaks as they travel via cute roads and zigzag trails. Honestly, the landscapes and natural beauty of Vietnam are breathtaking. You can visit some of the World Heritage Sites here such as Phon NhaKe BangCaves, Halong Bay, Cham Islands and Hoi An Ancient Street.

3) Good food

Vietnamese cuisine is extensively a popular choice for foodies as it's healthy and tasty. From spring rolls, pho noodle soup, seafood and sticky rice to banh mi which is the authentic Vietnamese baguette, you can indulge in a variety of fresh and heavenly culinary delights to quench your taste buds. Whether you eat at a restaurant or a food stall, the food served at the eateries here won't cost you more. You can also have them freshly cooked in front to enjoy them at the beach while watching the sunset. Vietnam is known for its delicious fruits as well. Right from pineapple, watermelon, mangos and bananas to uncommon fruits like lychee, durian and mangosteen, you can eat any yummy fruit you like to elevate your spirits!

4) Fun adventure

Seeking for some adventure on your trip? Then, Vietnam is the best place for you. You can explore the hilly roads on a motorcycle, check out the little alleys full of souvenirs and dine at local food joints. Exciting challenges will come your way as you travel through the towns and villages, allowing you to create happy stories and amazing memories. So, get out of your comfort zone and embrace the unknown for an awesome time!

5) Warm people

Though the language barrier may initially seem like a hurdle, you'll see that communication is much easier with the locals than what you might have expected. The local people will try best to understand you and communicate flawlessly through body language. Feeling overwhelmed by the new language, culture and places? Well, the locals will be highly willing to offer help and they'll surely do it with a smile. If visitors get lost, some Vietnamese people have also been found to walk with them to guide them to their desired destinations safely.

6) Energy-boosting coffee

Did you know that Vietnam is the second biggest global coffee exporter? That's a huge thing when most of its neighbors lean more towards tea production. From timeless black coffee to quenching iced coffee, the latter being a specialty as it's prepared with condensed milk, you can relish a cup of coffee anytime during your city tours. You can also order your coffee to be uniquely made with egg yolk, coconut milk or yoghurt! As cafes are there on every street of Vietnam, this is undeniably the seventh heaven for coffee-lovers. You can also meet travelers or locals at these coffee shops. Or, you can just re-energize yourself by taking a sip of hot coffee to relax your legs after all that walking!

Connect with a top travel agency in Kolkata to have a lovely time in Vietnam as you go for holidaying there and come back with marvelous pictures and epic throwbacks to share later!