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Have you been eager to go to Bali for a long time? Then, it's time that you pack your suitcases and finally, get ready for this trip as the tropical island of Bali shines as one of the highly popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Keep reading to know why this place is perfect for holidaying. Connect with one of the top travel agencies in Kolkata to plan a wonderful holiday in Bali this summer season.

Beautiful beaches

The long list of idyllic beaches is one of the most significant reasons why tourists can't get enough of this tropical paradise in Indonesia. From white sandy shores and limestone rocks to scope for indulging in diving and water sports, each of these beaches has its unique charm. Whether it's the lively Kuta, the exotic Nusa Dua environs or the several remote beaches that are secluded, you'll get the chance to hop from one beach to another, depending on your mood.

Fun adventure

Looking for some adventurous activity on your trips? Then, Bali is the perfect destination for you. You can explore the various surfing spots there or learn to ride the blue waves by renting a board. Right from jumping from the cliffs and sliding down the naturally created waterslide in Aling-AlingWaterfall to enjoying the artificial waterslides and other cool activities at Waterbom, there's a lot of things to ignite your adventurous spirit. You can enter a submarine for descending into the sea or walk on the seabed by solo diving to experience the underwater life. Bali will give you never-ending thrills!

Soulful cultural scape

Apart from its stunning locales, Bali's splendor lies in the practicing of the cultural traditions that the locals of this island follow. The Balinese organize all kinds of ceremonious festivities and celebrations that tourists can also participate in. From the kissing festival of Omed-Omedan to the massive parade before Nyepi (the day of complete silence), you'll get to witness many interesting traditional engagements. You will also have an enjoyable experience beholding the eye-catching architecture, music and dance of Bali.

Serene religious spots

The Balinese are mostly Hindus whose houses include a neat temple where they pray regularly. Tourists love to go on temple tours to broaden their cultural insight and derive aesthetic satisfaction besides acknowledging the religious prominence, of course. From magnificent sea temples that overlook the ocean to a soul-pacifying majestic temple complex on the mystic mountains, Bali has grand temples that you shouldn't forget to see.

Captivating natural beauty of every kind

Apart from gorgeous beaches and enchanting temples, Bali has all sorts of stunning natural sceneries. This island's mesmerizing landscape is all about breathtaking mountain sights surrounded by lush valleys, pristine lakes, charming waterfalls, prominent rice fields, pretty flower gardens, flowing sacred rivers and hidden canyons.

An exquisite cuisine

Owing to its rich soil, Bali is home to unique traditional dishes that create its distinct culinary platter. You can enjoy these traditional recipes as street food or as heart-warming dinner. Bali also has many restaurants that provide International cuisines such as Mexican, American, Chinese, Greek, Indian, French and more. If you follow a vegan diet, you can get that too as some of the eateries here serve pure vegetarian or organic food.

Artsy vibes

The Balinese have a strong grip over artistic creations. Being a tourist, you'll surely be excited to discover galleries in every locality, traditional handicrafts in most stores, murals on every neighbourhood corner and an overall artistically-inspiring feel capturing the island. Many people dwelling there have artistic abilities as musicians, dancers, painters, craftsmen and designers. You can shop for handmade art products, ranging from wooden keychains to sophisticated art pieces.

Countless shopping avenues

From traditional handcrafted souvenirs to pricy designer clothes, Bali has a happening shopping scene extending from local markets to modern boutiques. Get ready to splurge!

Warm behavior of the people

Those who've visited Bali can't agree more on the friendliness of the Balinese people. You can easily make new friends here. Also, the Balinese are often looking forward to making conversation with everyone, including the tourists. Their heart-rendering warmth and friendly disposition has been known to make travelers feel at home here since ages.

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