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Wish to have a memorable vacation in the Mumbai-Goa belt? Well, we've highlighted few noteworthy travel ideas to add a refreshing flavor to your holiday experience. Connect with one of the top travel agencies in Kolkata to vacay in idyllic Goa and explore the must-see tourist spots of Maharashtra at budget-friendly expenses.

Below we've talked about some of the amazing destinations that you must visit while traveling from Mumbai to Goa.

Explore Aurangabad – the home to the Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Aurangabad, declared as the Tourism Capital of Maharashtra is a very popular tourist hub that welcomes visitors like you with a plethora of interesting sights and sounds. Being the capital city under Mughal emperor Aurangzeb's reign during 17th century AD, this city got its name from this disciplinary ruler. This town is the base foundation for you to explore the incredibly famous caves of Ajanta and Ellora. Other captivating historic places you can see here include the majestic Daulatabad Fort, Mausoleums of Aurangzeb, the architecturally spectacular Bibi-Ka-Maqbara, Bhadra Murti Temple and the Grishneshwar Temple, which is one of the 12 Shiva Jyotirlingas in India.

Visit the Siddharth Gardenhere to enjoy an awesome picnic amidst the green lawns, trees and shrubs. At this mesmerizing garden, you may get to catch sight of lions, tigers, deer, leopards and other wild animals. From visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites to exploring lively markets that offer refined silk items, exquisite handicrafts, precious gems and artfully hand-woven apparel,you can see, do and purchase a lot of things to have a fun holiday experience in Aurangabad. Though this city has recently seen a lot of development in the industrial sector, it undeniably retains its traditional glory, heritage and past charms that'll capture your senses!

Take in the ancient beauty of the Ajanta and Ellora Caves

These historic rock-cut caves that are situated near Aurangabad in Maharashtra are a renowned tourist spot in India. You must arrive at this World Heritage Site to view these charming old caves that are exquisitely adorned with striking sculptures, artwork and frescoes. We must mention that there are 29 Ajanta Caves and 34 Ellora Caves that await you. You'll notice that the Ajanta Caves are predominantly Buddhist sites while the Ellora exhibit a fusion of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist sites.

These beautiful hand-carved caves came to life under the instruction of reigning Indian rulers way back. One of the most eminent places in the Ajanta and Ellora Caves is the Kailash Temple that stands as the only huge monolithic structure in the world. From Ajanta Caves that portray intricate Buddhist artwork and folktales to Buddhist Caves, Jain Cavesand other massive caves in Ellora, there are many diverse caves here that are crafted with expertise through centuries to leave you speechless. Observe these ancient rock-cut caves displaying detailed carvings to have a glance at one of the finest examples of Indian architecture and sculpture!

Refresh yourself at the hill station of Mahabaleshwar

Mahabelshwar has its location in the Western Ghats as a part of the Sataradistrict in Maharashtra. Exceptionally famous for its strawberries, Mahabelshwar is also known for its many rivers, gorgeous cascades and picturesque peaks. This is the most relaxing getaway spot between Pune and Mumbai that can uplift your vacay mood instantly!

Mahabaleshwar is also noted to be a sacred pilgrimage sight for Hindus since the Krishna River has its source here. When at this hill station, you must spare time to see the old temples, boarding schools, manicured landscapes, green valleys, lush forests, magnificent waterfalls and pristine hills. Some of the beautiful must-visit places here that you'll enjoy are the Elephant's Head Point, Chinaman's falls, Dhobi waterfall and Arthur's seat. Also, check out the majestic Pratapgad Fort that's only an hour away from Mahabaleshwar.

Relax, unwind and have a blast in Goa

The smallest state of India has emerged as the land for redefining holidays with its exquisite combination of sun, beaches and water sports. This tourist hub is famous for its natural scenic splendour, exotic beaches, exciting nightlife as well as stunning temples and churches. You're sure to have a mind-blowing time in Goa as long as you marvel at the sophisticated architecture, enjoy tasty feasts, take part in the happening festivals and interact with the hospitable locals here. So, set foot on this land full of life exposed to Portuguese culture and sight beautiful sunrises and sunsets to rejuvenate your spirit! And, if you're an adventure-lover, you'll definitely have an adrenaline-rushing experience here as you participate in the various water activities.

Thinking of making your "Bombay to Goa" dream journey a reality? Then, do contact a reliable travel agency that provides the best domestic travel packages to have a whirlwind of fun, relaxation and enjoyment as you explore the distinguished tourist locales in Mumbai and the sprawling beaches of Goa! Bon voyage!