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Looking for a place that will be a nice weekend getaway? Then, Purbasthali, which is a serene and beautiful location in Purba Bardhaman District can be a good choice to free yourself from the hassles of everyday life for a while. This place is a true paradise for bird watchers and is noted for its magnificent Oxbow Lake. Connect with a famous tour and travel company in Kolkata to witness the mesmerizing beauty and charms of Purbasthali and Chupi Char.

To enjoy a peaceful ambience in the heart of nature

Birds from all around the world flock to the tranquil hamlet of Purbasthali from the start of December every year. Chupi Char or the Oxbow Lake has its origins in the vast Ganges as it flows past villages like Kasthashali and Chupi. The vibrant blue waters of Chupi Char, the lovely fruit orchards and the encompassing farmlands are home to above 70 species of common as well as migratory birds.

The Oxbow lake occupies about 3.5 sq. km and surrounds an islet connected to three villages. You can take rides in the local boats for bird watching. The boatmen will be happy to guide you to catch sight of pretty migratory birds. The small channel of the lake links it to the holy Ganges, thereby, allowing the water source to pour into it constantly.

The rich alluvial soil on the banks of Ganga along with plenty of rainfall has gifted the Purbasthali region with abundant greenery. You will note how the lush agricultural landscapes have varied crops like rice, corn, maize, potato, jute, mustard, etc. and different kinds of fruits, vegetables and flowers growing on it every season. The glittering fields under the sun enhance the beauty of this area further.

To take part in refreshing activities

The best thing that you can do during your trip to Purbasthali is to watch the rare and beautiful migratory birds along the lake. Also, there are a lot of other ways you can enliven your spirit here. Right from strolling around the orchards and farmlands, witnessing the spectacular sunrise and sunset on Chupi Char's horizon and going for a boat ride in the clear lake to taking photos of the captivating nature, walking through the neatly landscaped garden and visiting the children's park with your little ones, Purbasthali promises you many relaxing endeavors. Don't forget to watch the stunning views of the scenery from the watchtowers!

For exploring nearby tourist spots that are equally fascinating

During your vacation at this quiet hamlet in Bengal, you can plan a visit to the local towns of Nabadip and Mayapur to discover the richhistorical past of this region. The Sribati Terracota Temple and Natungram Village are striking places to arrive at too.

Moreover, if you're a photography enthusiast, Purbasthali is an amazing destination for you. You can click wonderful snaps of the exquisite migratory birds here and take breathtaking photos of gardens, cottages and rural villagers who are often busy handcrafting dolls and figurines. This place will surely light up your face with a smile!

Get in touch with the best tour agency in Kolkata to plan a memorable trip to Purbasthali where you'll most certainly enjoy the scenic beauty; catch a glimpse of unique birds; and engage in pleasant activities! So, what are you waiting for? Start packing today!