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Beauty Of Arunachal-West Kameng 5 Nights / 6 Days

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Top 6 reasons you should plan a holiday trip to Arunachal Pradesh

Summary: Scroll down these 6 remarkable reasons that will inspire you to book a trip to the scenic Arunachal Pradesh for a mind-blowing holiday experience.

Looking for a reason to visit Arunachal Pradesh? Well, we’ve got plenty of reasons that will compel you to visit this tranquil wonderland. Make sure to connect with the top travel agency in Kolkata that offers a well-planned itinerary and hotel details for you to cherish an organized, hassle-free and enjoyable vacation in Arunachal Pradesh.

1) It’s almost a heaven on Earth

Arunachal Pradesh boasts of mesmerizing green meadows, captivating snow-capped mountains and crystal-clear lakes. You’ll feel refreshed to take in the fresh air that’s free from pollution. From Bomdilla to Tawang, any popular destination you visit in Arunachal Pradesh will leave you spellbound as you take in the enchanting sights, the clean air and the overall picturesque scenery.

2) The comforting silence

Arunachal Pradesh stands out as the very embodiment of serenity with complete pin drop silence prevailing all around. Being one of the least populated states in India, this peaceful paradise is all about quietude and calmness without too many cars or honking in the background. Lacking in crowd, noise and excess buildings, this charming place is all about a magical silence that will help you relax and breathe while enjoying your own personal space.

3) Magnificent view of the majestic Himalayas

Arunachal Pradesh is famous for some of its awesome Himalayan viewpoints. You’ll surely have your breath taken on witnessing the beautiful sunset in Tawang where the mountains turn purple as the sun goes down. You can see the moon on the opposite side and the Tawang monastery from a distance. The fun road trips through the gorgeous mountain range are bound to make your jaws drop with every turn.

4) The chance to experience treasured memories

Whether it’s interacting with the warm locals, sipping refreshing yak butter tea or seeing the light shine through a monastery, a holiday in Arunachal Pradesh will leave you with endless memorable experiences. The calming vibes at a Buddhist temple or the peaceful feel of the entire marvelous place is going to be something you’ll definitely miss once you return home.

5) Doorway to hidden gems and furry buddies

One unique feature in Arunachal Pradesh is the many secrets and surprises it offers to visitors. We bet that you’ll feel amazed to discover hidden waterfalls, out-of-the-blue bridges and small farm towns in the middle of nowhere. Also, you’ll be delighted to meet the abundant mountain yaks that dwell there. You can spot many of these furry creatures napping or grazing along the route to Taiwan. Arunachal is also the haven for adorable mountain puppies.

6) Exceptionally tasty cuisine

Sharing border with many prominent regions, Arunachal brings to the plate some yummy food. You’ll have your tastebuds quenched once you relish the delicious momos, thupka, then tuk, yak cheese curry, steamed bread and other authentic delicacies there.

Don’t forget to hire a reputed tour & travel agency in Kolkata that provides cost-effective holiday packages to immerse yourself in the divine beauty, tranquility and heavenly feel of the spectacular Arunachal.

Day 1 : (Bomdila)Guwahati To Bomdila
Day 2 : (Tawang)Bomdila To Tawang
Day 3 : (Tawang)Tawang Local Sight Seeing
Day 4 : (Tawang)Bumla Pass- Madhuri lake- P T Tsoo Excursion
Day 5 : (Dirang)Dirang
Day 6 : (Dirang)Departure Guwahati
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3 Star Tawang Heights
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Guwahati- BomdilaDirang- GuwahatiTata Sumo/ Similiar0Tata Sumo/ Similiar--
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