Terms and Conditions

For Group Packages

  • For II class train reservation, fares per head per ticket and for air reservation full flight fares have to be deposited in cash in advance. Balance money is to be paid in cash, by Kolkata clearing cheque or demand draft 30 days ahead of journey date. Refund of plane fare for cancelled flight is subject to discretion of authorities .
  • Advance reservation of seats in buses will be according to their seat serial number.
  • For any tourists occupying a double bed room singly in hotel , additional charge for the extra bed as applicable will be payable.
  • For travel in sleeper coaches , no guarantee is given for lower / middle / upper berths. In all such cases , parties are requested to kindly accept the allotments made by the railways. However sleeping space available is enough for each person.
  • Entrance fee at any place / item of sight seeing, if charged ,is borne by the tourists.

For Customize Packages

  • Entrance fee at any place / item of sight seeing, if charged ,is borne by the tourists.
  • Hotel accommodation is generally arranged family-wise .However, family wise room accommodation is not possible for all tour packages.
  • For consideration of any reservation cancellation application must be supported by the advance payment receipt issued by our office and cancellation time computed accordingly. Parties outside Kolkata may request for cancellation by email, letter or telegram. No telephonic request for cancellation of reservation is entertained.

For Hotel Booking

  • Company will not remain liable for refund of dues if not settled within six months.
  • For cancellation of tour programme due to circumstances beyond our control , only deposit amount is refunded but no other compensation whatsoever.
  • Company reserves the right to cancel any ticket any time without assigning any reason and no compensation is admitted for such cancellation.
  • Company holds no responsibility for any accidental and such no compensation is admitted.
  • Our personel take special care for temple visit or city seeing by our tourists.

For Transportation (Car/Bus/Other)

  • Regarding matters relating to Railways and surface transportation , we are dependent upon the Railway / Transport authorities.
  • Under compelling circumstances beyond our control, our tour programme may undergo same alteration, adjustment and modification. Company will not remain liable for not reaching any schedule place or some destination due to in avoidable situations.
  • Interested parties are requested to collect our Brochure, the most vital document providing detailed information about tour programme, while tending full package money.
  • Company holds no liability if parties fail to catch schedule train for their failure to turn up in time and also due to some last minute timing change effected by the Railways. In all such cases, parties are at liberty to join our group at any subsequent station. And for such events, Guests will have to bear all ticket costs, hotel and transportation expenses etc.
  • Guests will be liable to pay additional costs in case of upward revision of rail fair and bus fare and other items.
  • Washing clothes inside hotels is strictly prohibited.
  • Caring for individual luggage is essentially guest's responsibility, as such guest should exercise proper vigilance over individual belongings. On our part , we render all needful assistance for loading / unloading of luggages except handbags. Company is not liable to indemnify any loss of luggage of guests.

    Our experienced personnel and manager accompany each tour group to take suitable care of our clientele en route. your very kind and sympathetic co-operation with our staff is earnestly solicited.

    Our tour package is generally computed on the basis of Sleeper Class fares. For these who prefer to travel by A.C . 3/2 Tier or by air where available , endeavors are made in such cases if guest's agree to pay the cost differential.

    Attention :- For those who would , of their own, travel in A.C. / Class I, we are extremely sorry would be served by us in their compartment as per Railway rules.

    We are sorry, we express our inability to arrange for any preferred room in every hotel. We appeal to our valued patrons not to press our tour Manager for any preferred / special room in hotels.